Monday, August 18, 2008

"AW Surveys"

Have you tried the AWSurveys. Try this and see for yourself.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The other day I was surfing the net for some good stuff to write and I found this site Sounds creamy isn't, well it's sure is creamy because I got $6 sent to my paypal account for just writing in a few minutes and waiting for 24 hours.

This ain't scam or something but its sure cold cash around here.

The catch is that a conversation will be upload by a starter and you as a blogger can participate on it whether it be a comment on a certain product or your personal experience on the product. Once your post is approved it will be showcased in their conversation which appears in widget and you'll get royalty pay for your post. It even got referral fee once there's someone participated through your post. So start participating and start earning.

" the NEW Search Engine in Town!"

Buzz... buzz… buzz…. What is this buzzing around in the World Wide Web? A new search engine in town? Is there anything better than the present and available search engines in the World Wide Web?

Fortunately, yes, there’s one thing better than the other search engines in the world wide web. the NEW search engine in town!

Its just so happen that I stumble with this site name, so I searched the site and navigated through it. User friendly? Yes! Easy searching? Two thumbs up! What is Spock any way? Based on the site is a free people and information search engine. You can search people by name or even by tags consisting of a personal piece of information that associates with the person. What’s amazing is that it even has pictures so you’ll know who’s the person you’re searching. Isn’t it great, a new and advanced search engine that you can use. It also has different capabilities such as messaging and you can also personalize your search so that it will show up first what you wanted to search like your friends.

Spock People Search

In addition it comes also with a widget for easy reference, instant source and immediate showcase of your searches. Neat ha! So try it now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Got it on"

Recently, I was tasked to look for the names of the presidents and managers of corporations and companies of construction and engineering involved in our company’s project and the last that I don’t have is Hazama Corporation, This company is known as one of the top construction and engineering corporation in Japan and is now working with our project in building a world class expressway. Eventually I happened to stumble with this new site, it is called So, I tried to search for the company and viola found it. What surprise me most is that it got the names of most of their top managers and directors. Nice, it made my search easier. So to make my search complete and to make a good impression I used to search for other construction and engineering companies with their president and managers.

Submitted my research of names of the top ranking officials of the companies together with their managers and directors and also information regarding them. I was tapped on my shoulder and got a good response from my boss. Thanks to

Spock People Search

Now I’m using this site to search for names of engineers and construction firms involved in our company to incorporate in our mailing list whether it is an invitation or a formal letter addressed to them. Spock is a new and unique way of searching people in the net. As you search you can easily navigated with it. It can be searched by names, email, or tag it even comes with a picture on it, describing themselves, including their website and even their works, their attainment, etc, to sum it up it is more likely a resume of a person on the net. It even has a widget you can include on your blog or website so you won’t have the hassle of searching for engineers over again. So hassle free and great. Got it on

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Build Your Own Free Poker League"

Build Your Own Free Poker League

Playing poker is like dancing… it takes two to tango, apparently. But in Poker DIY you can have more players than the tango. It’s free and its easy to join so you can have more buddies to played with, the more the merrier. One of the interesting parts is that you can learn more through their featured poker blogs.

At Poker DIY, managing a poker league is one of the favorite services because you can find players near you, also you can view and see who is winning in a particular league, and you can also create a poker widget and put it into your blog or site to update others on your free poker league.

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