Thursday, August 14, 2008

" the NEW Search Engine in Town!"

Buzz... buzz… buzz…. What is this buzzing around in the World Wide Web? A new search engine in town? Is there anything better than the present and available search engines in the World Wide Web?

Fortunately, yes, there’s one thing better than the other search engines in the world wide web. the NEW search engine in town!

Its just so happen that I stumble with this site name, so I searched the site and navigated through it. User friendly? Yes! Easy searching? Two thumbs up! What is Spock any way? Based on the site is a free people and information search engine. You can search people by name or even by tags consisting of a personal piece of information that associates with the person. What’s amazing is that it even has pictures so you’ll know who’s the person you’re searching. Isn’t it great, a new and advanced search engine that you can use. It also has different capabilities such as messaging and you can also personalize your search so that it will show up first what you wanted to search like your friends.

Spock People Search

In addition it comes also with a widget for easy reference, instant source and immediate showcase of your searches. Neat ha! So try it now!

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